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Red Pilled Creator here... I need your help! HIGH ENERGY! I run a youtube channel where we mostly cover pop culture, we create docu-shorts or 20 min documentaries about tv and movie theories ie: the history of scifi etc. We took a few months off because we were getting very bored with tv/movies/scifi even though most of our videos were getting ...

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The 10,000 chilling cases of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren inspired movies like Annabelle, The Amityville Horror, and other infamous tales of demons and ghosts.. Before Hollywood turned their ghost stories into blockbuster movies, Ed and Lorraine Warren made a name for themselves by investigating cases of paranormal hauntings and happenings.

Tears, Rage and Results: Season One of 'Red Pilled America'. Few conservatives take the late Andrew Breitbart's words to heart better than Patrick Courrielche. The media mogul behind Breitbart News famously said politics is downstream from culture. In 2009 Courrielche exposed the bias behind the National Endowment for the Arts under the ...